PhD Scholarship available: Information Retrieval and Text Mining for Automatic Systematic Reviews

A PhD scholarship for domestic or international students is available for the September 30, 2016 scholarship round. The scholarship offers free tuition fees and a stipend of $24k. An additional top-up scholarship may be available depending on the student's track record: the top-up provides extra $7k p.a. stipend and additional funds for research equipment and travel.

Systematic reviews are literature-based reviews that focus on a research question aimed to identify, appraise, select and synthesise all high quality research evidence relevant to the question under investigation. Systematic reviews of high quality randomised controlled trials (RCT) are crucial for evidence­based medicine. Systematic reviews aim to reduce uncertainty in the effects of medical treatment and provide rapid guidelines for doctors.

Systematic reviews are costly to compile and require a significant amount of effort and time (for example, for the Cochrane Collaboration, on average 23 months from protocol to publication); due to these issues, many reviews are already out of date when published. There is, therefore, a broad scope for creating language technology tools to automate or semi-automate the systematic review process and to support people who compile reviews. In order to create tools performing sufficiently well, advances are required in information retrieval (to locate key information in the original texts), as well as in natural language processing (to interpret the reviews) in the medical domain.

Check out QUT's scholarship website (APA or QUTPRA) for more details about scholarship eligibility and requirements.

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