Prospective Students

Are you a student wanting to do research on search engines?

Are you keen to improve how medical information is accessed?

Are you keen to understand how people search, where they succeed and why they fail?

Are you interested in mathematical models for search (including interactive search)?

Then get in touch. We have Honours and PhD positions available; we also regularly offer undergraduate and master projects (these are published through QUT's InPlace).

Join our research team

Example topics of research for prospective students include:

  • Consumer health search: how everyday people search for medical advice using web search engines; how to make search engines more effective for this task; aspects that influence relevance in this task and their inclusion in the evaluation of search engines.
  • Clinical information retrieval: how clinicians search for evidence based medicine and medical knowledge; effective systems for finding evidence based medicine; effective systems for cohort selection for clinical trials; systems powered by search and text mining capabilities to automatize systematic reviews.
  • Formal models of semantic search: development and evaluation of search methods that exploit semantics, e.g. that use word embeddings; models based on knowledge graphs.
  • Formal models of interactions: how to model the user; what are the factors that influence the interaction between the user and the search system.
  • App search: how do people search for apps, e.g. which queries do they issue and which search behaviour do they show; effective systems for finding apps according to the task that needs to be accomplished/functionalities that are required.