Dr. Guido Zuccon

I am a senior lecturer at QUT's Electrical Engineering and Computer Science School, an ARC DECRA Fellow (2018-2020), and the research leader of the ielab. My research interests span a number of topics:

  • Formal models of Information Retrieval; in particular I am interested in
    • models of search, information seeking and interactions
    • semantic models of search
    • exploiting word embeddings in Information Retrieval
    • evaluation of Information Retrieval (including task-based evaluation)
  • Medical/Health Information Retrieval; in particular I am interested in
    • retrieval models & strategies for consumers searching the web for health advise
    • retrieval models & strategies for cohort identification for clinical trials
    • retrieval models & strategies for clinical decision support and evidence-based medicine
    • retrieval models & strategies for automatic systematic review
    • health search evaluation
If you are a QUT student, or a prospective one, and you are interested to work with me as part of your studies, you can find student projects for PhD, Master, Honours and courseworks here and here. I also welcome international higher education students wanting to do a research visit and collaborating on ideas within my research interests.

PhD Scholarship Available

One PhD scholarship available for students interested in developing search and text mining methods for consumer health search (part of ARC funded project) ...

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Diagnose This If You Can

Search engines are increasingly used to find information for self-diagnosis; but how good are they really? ...

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Evaluating Query Variations

Different people issue different queries for the same information need. How should we account for this when evaluating IR systems? Read our CIKM 2016 paper

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IR Evaluation under fixed budget

How should I sample docs for evaluation if I have a fixed budged?

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Integrating Word Embeddings in Search

Resources about our ADCS 2015 paper "Integrating and Evaluating Neural Word Embeddings in Information Retrieval" including word embeddings are available from my list of publications...

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Tutorial On Models Of Search, Seeking And Retrieval

See the material from the tutorials on modelling interactive information seeking and retrieval that Leif Azzopardi and I have organised at SIGIR 2015, CIKM 2015 and ICTIR 2016.

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Ubire: IR evaluation with dimensions of relevance

On the IELab GitHub space you can find a tool to compute understandability-biased evaluation for Information Retrieval. For now, the tool computes RBP and different version of uRBP as defined in our MedIR 2014 and ECIR 2016 papers. Check it out!

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